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Marsh Friends are the Best kind

The new generation of waterfowler, Nathan Walker, consults with the more experienced "Red Lab" Boomer on what is next.

The inside of an old duck camp certainly knows more than it cares to share, especially with those that simply wouldn't understand anyway.

Randy Dow (at 85) and Boomer keep cover in the famous floating blind at the tip of Woodbridge Island.

Bobby Chouinard waits impatiently as Geof carries on with his famous puttering.

Randy Dow (at 85) and Ray Thompson in a "young meets old" in the sculling brotherhood.

Father & son make a team together forever.

The daunting silhouette of friend, Jay Beard, reminds Geof that even waterfowlers have to quit sometime.

Son Nathan and friend David Outhouse and Dave's dog enjoy a balmy day on the marsh.