Newbury Decoy & Woodshop

173 High Rd. 

Newbury, MA 



Retail Sales

Big Al's 

Rte. 1 Seabrook, N.H.





Handmade Calls

Goose, Duck, Turkey, Deer calls are hand made and tuned in the work shop owned and operated by Geof Walker.

Each Hank Walker Call is individually tuned and can be costume made to anyone's personal taste or style.

The call making process has its own place in the decoy shop. The wooden floors share the wood shavings of calls, decoys, wooden boat renderings and a red lab.

A typical day in the shop produces a few handcrafted calls and the decoys to match.

Purple Heart, Teak, Maple, Red Cedar are just some of the wood choices that your call can be produced from.